Our Utimate Goal

Establish national and international interaction and communication networks, create new cooperation opportunities, conduct field research and monitoring / evaluation studies.

Our Mission

Ensure that national and international legal rights, regulations and agreements are used more effectively for women.

Study Approach

In Katre Women's Counseling and Solidarity Association, authorities and responsibilities are shared, taking care to apply rotation in every situation and every unit.

Katra Women's Consultation and Solidarity Association

It works with the principle of full equality, respects fundamental rights and freedoms, pays utmost attention not to discriminate or marginalize.

  • Target
  • Success

Who are we?

As Katre Women's Formation, we observe that women rely on us as a result of the applications we have received for 5 years and they are getting stronger. We aimed to establish a consultancy and solidarity center in order to ensure the continuity of our work due to the increasing number of applications received face to face and by telephone.

What can we do?

In January 2019, we established our Katre Women's Counseling and Solidarity Association. Katre Women's Association; is a non-governmental organization established in order to lead an equal life for women, children, LGBTI + individuals with any language, religion, belief, race, color, nation, class, status, political thought, age, gender, sexual orientation.